Central Hub

Processing, Storage and Distribution

Site Development


  • Industrial zoned lot with utilities (under LOI)
  • 100% highway capacity year-round for larger volumes
  • Rail accessible site for future development (Phase 2)
  • Development Permit application approved

Midstream Service Provider


  • Athabasca Minerals’ Firebag Sand-Deposit
  • 3rd Party Sand (future)
  • Additional Silica source near Duvernay and Montney (under review)

Target Market


  • Short Last-Mile hauls to Duvernay
  • Will also service Montney and Deep Basin
  • Vertically integrated supply-chain management for delivery to customers
  • Innovative Last-Mile hauling solutions and containers (future)
  • Industrial users nearby and in Edmonton

Major Milestones

Processing Site Validation Complete
Feasibility Package and Equipment Selection Complete
Capex and Opex Validation Complete
Mayerthorpe Land Lease & Permits October 2018
Capital Financing/JV Funding/FID November 2018
Long-Lead Equipment Orders Placed November 2018
Initial Mine Extraction to Interim Staging Winter 2018-19


*subject to achieving financing and permit approvals

Efficiency in Operation

At AMI Silica, our environmental impact is an important consideration in the decision-making process. The facility at Mayerthorpe, AB will incorporate industry-leading water recycling equipment to reduce water requirements and minimize the impact on the community and infrastructure.

AMI Silica will also utilize efficient sand-drying systems with evaporative cooling to further reduce impact on local utility infrastructure.

No Wasted Sand

AMI Silica’s objective is to market 100% of the sand produced from the facility into the industrial, construction and oil & gas sectors. This will keep our environmental footprint low, while increasing our contribution to the provincial and local economies.

In keeping with our integrity-first, safety focused and responsive results-driven culture, AMI Silica prioritizes relationships with communities where we operate and relationships with our employees, contractors and customers to deliver value to our investors and shareholders